The 5 Most Outdated Spa “Trends” of 2016

Today, we stumbled across a recent report on the 2016 spa trends to look out for. Naturally, we were super excited to see what other industry experts were projecting. “New year, new spa trends,” we thought. Although we are still obsessed with traditional massages, mani-pedis, and facials, it is always exciting to see which new and interesting treatments will hit the spa scene each year. But, once we laid eyes on the list, we were a little disappointed. These “trends” were hardly new and impressive. Even though this list contained some of the things that we already know and love, they were just that…things we already know. Nonetheless, we are excited for another awesome year of wellness, and can’t wait to keep up with some of our favorite activities, beauty products, and more. Check out the “trends” we debunked below!


Thought that surfing was only for cool dudes splashing around in the Pacific Ocean? Think again! Fortunately, even those who can’t swim are able to hop on a board at a surf simulation fitness class. SurfSet started out as a Shark Tank success story in 2012 and has been a workout staple ever since. New? Nope! Fun? Absolutely!



Meet ups for like-minded people have been hitting the wellness scene for some time now. From SUP yoga retreats, to Lole’s massive White Tour, getting together with people who share your fitness interests can lead to lifelong friendships and new workout pals. It’s like Coachella, but with spa water!

On-Demand – Uberization of Spa & Wellness

We’ve seen on-the-go beauty and wellness services being forecasted in multiple 2016 trends lists this January. However, we’ve been singing the praises of apps like Glamsquad for months. Makeup, hair services, manis, and more straight to your door? Why would you ever leave home again.

Korean Beauty

Korean beauty is amazing, don’t get us wrong. There is a reason that people have been obsessing over the awesome products that come out of this great country. But new? Hardly. Last March, Sephora opened it’s arms to major K beauty brand, belif. Plus, Tony Moly’s adorable products have been a staple in American beauty arsenals for years.

Workplace Wellness

Thankfully, workplace wellness has been gaining major traction for a while now. Making sure that you are happy and healthy in the place that you spend over eight hours a day is key, and employers have been ensuring that this happens. When you’re feeling well, your work will definitely reflect it!

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