Dead sea salts have been used for centuries to promote health and wellness: the use of these salts helps detoxify the body and prevent illness. This mineral rich substance differs from regular sea salts by less sodium content, balanced by minerals that feed and nourish the skin and body. It helps skin retain water and keep moisture: more moisture leads to reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and prevention of new wrinkle formation. Its ability to increase blood circulation at skin surface aids in skin rejuvenation and cellular renewal. Dead sea salts encourage the release of toxins and promote healing for such skin disorders like Psoriasis and Eczema: the minerals in these salts help slow overactive cellular growth that causes Psoriasis and reduce inflammation and redness. They slough away dead skin cells and deliver necessary nutrients for moisture to extreme dry skin that is the root cause of these conditions.

Our Signature Powerhouse Scrub incorporates Vitamins E and A, minerals and nutrients. It has very powerful anti-aging effects, fights free radicals, photo aging and damage. It maintains a youthful appearance, restores skin smoothness, protects against ultraviolet light, doesn’t clog pores and helps with premature aging. The calming effects of the aroma on your body and mind during the treatment will enhance your experience and make it even more suiting. The therapist will use a balanced mixture of salts and therapeutic oils to exfoliate and eliminate dead cells while locking moisture into the skin.

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