Fellas, if you are waking up in the morning and washing your face with a bar of soap then it’s time to step up your game! More and more men are seeing the benefits of adopting a good skincare regimen. Men tend to have thicker, less sensitive skin than women, which doesn’t mean guys don’t have specific concerns of their own. Most of our male clients express a lot of issues such as ingrown hair, redness and irritation. Shaving can cause most of these issues, if not all. Knowing what to do is as simple as reading our tips.


Cleanse РWe all need to!  Washing your face twice daily with a good cleanser will prevent your skin from becoming dull, dry, flaky and irritated.
Here are two great cleansers my fellas love!
AGELESS TOTAL FACIAL CLEANSER: It offers just the right amount of exfoliation and has a cuddling sensation.
VITAL C HYDRATING CLEANSER: Incorporates nourishing antioxidants and Vitamin C to gently clean and repair.

Moisturize – Balanced skin needs hydration! No matter oily, dry or in between. Apply SPF in the morning and hydrating creme in the evening.

Exfoliate – Simple step goes a long way in alleviating ingrown hairs, which clogs follicles and leads to acne and irritations.

Drink a lot water – Did you know that the water you drink travels to all other organs before it reaches your skin? When you aren’t getting enough water, your skin will become dehydrated. Do drink up!


Hot shower – Your body produces a thin layer of oil to protect the skin and help retain moisture. Hot water causes that oil barrier to soften, allowing moisture to escape and leaving your skin vulnerable to harsh environmental elements.

Bar soaps – Ditch the bar soap! It strips the skin of its protective barrier leaving your skin irritated and dry.

Rub your skin dry – Rubbing causes irritation and can exasperate other conditions such as eczema. After washing your skin, gently pat your skin with a paper towel instead.

Alcohol – Often found in after shave, alcohol dries your skin and strips it of its natural moisture altering the pH levels. Try something alcohol free.

Fragrance – Ditto for any products that have added fragrance. Sure, you want to smell good… but you can pick a product that uses natural fragrance (think essential oils) instead. Artificial fragrance is one of the leading irritants in skin care.


  1. A. Nominous says:

    Very informative. I had no clue about some of these things. Will a treatment help for my extra oily skin? I am going to attempt to change my shaving and after-shave creams now. I hate these ingrown hairs! Thank you

    • Gerardo B. says:

      Absolutely!! A treatment plan and a proper skincare regime will definitely help you with that. Call us to speak with our lead esthetician to help you with any questions. 718-833-7728

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