Not all dryness, redness and irritation are created equally. If you feel like you are constantly trying to soothe skin issues, you are not alone! So many clients, male and female, have been coming into the spa complaining about their sensitive skin. Why does that happen? For starters, we always try to get younger looking skin. We fall into this trap of diagnosing ourselves with new issues and use so many new products to “solve” them, ending up developing irritation.

Here are some things that I make sure to go over with my clients when these issues come about in the treatment room:

  • Anything excessive: constant cleansing, exfoliating too often and layers on top of layers of anti-aging products are just some of the things that send our complexions into a tail spin.
  • Environment: changes¬†in the weather, especially the cold, can cause dehydration. The sun’s rays can also damage your skin barrier, causing skin sensitivity, as well as dirt and pollution: throughout the day, pollution in the air sticks to your skin and is absorbed by the skin’s natural barrier. It can irritate and leave your skin more sensitive.
  • Lifestyle plays a big part in skin health: late nights, lack of sleep, working in an air conditioned office and smoking can all impact your skin’s health.
  • Hormones: usually affects women, especially around the time of their period. Hormones can also be affected by stress that will cause your skin to lower its barrier, leading to sensitivity.
  • Diet and hydration: it’s not only about what we out onto the skin. Skin irritants can be ingested. Eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water!
  • Ingredients: in skincare products, such as artificial perfumes and chemicals are all known to irritate the skin.
  • Household cleaners: avoid using household products without wearing masks and gloves. They contain harsh chemical that will upset your skin delicate balance.

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