Body Ance!?!? Why? How? Prevent!

A lot of my clients, including myself all suffer with body acne. Whether it is on our back, arms, legs, stomach or the Butt. We think we can cover it up with clothing, makeup or hair thinking it will just go away if we don’t see it. Not the way to go. It can only get worse. Here are some simple tips on how to treat it and prevent it. I found it very helpful and so did most of my clients.

Why it happens? –
Tiny red bumps or white rough bumps on your arms are likely a condition called “Keratosis Pilaris.” I have it, my son has it on his calves. It’s a genetic condition hat causes the buildup of keratin, a protein that plugs the hair follicles.

Treat it! – Here are a couple options. Mix some coconut oil with brown sugar or salt and massage it vigorously into the skin. It will help smooth and buff away the plugged follicles. Another option is to apply a Anti-Aging Serum by Image Skincare besides all the effective botanicals that help with cell renewal it comes AHA’s which will help you gently unplug the follicles while keeping the rest of the area smooth. Read More

Prevent it! – Since Keratosis Pilaris is genetic it’s not really preventable. Dry Skin is more prone to it, so moisturize! Read More

Why it happens? –
Usually Break-outs around this area are caused by a hormonal surge, which increases oil production as well as bacteria. One of the biggest culprit that sneaks up on you is hair conditioner. If not thoroughly rinsed, it can leave behind pore-clogging residue.

Treat it! – Salicylic acid removes excess surface oil and bacteria while refreshing the skin with essential herbal extracts. Read More

Prevent it! – Use a long-handled body brush in the shower. Use it after you wash your hair! Read More

Why it happens? –
None of us want to admit it, but time to time we all develop this issue. Caused by sports bras, bikini tops and push-up bras. The friction between our skin and the bras trap oil, sweat and dirt. Which than can cause diverticulitis. It looks like traditional acne bought on by oil but is usually an issue caused by infected hair follicles.

Treat it! – Wash daily with a benzoyl peroxide cleanser to deep clean follicles. Stick to fresh bras. Clear cell Medicated Acne Facial Scrub is one of my favorite! Read More

Prevent it! – Throw a pack of oil-free cleaning wipes. Especially on hot or active days.

Why it happens? –
Similar to chest acne, break-outs in this region tend to be diverticulitis from things like sweaty workout pants, skinny jeans, even sitting at the desk for hours.

Treat it! – Apply a benzoyl peroxide at night like Clear cell Medicated Acne Lotion by Image Skincare. Try to also have some barrier between the skin and outer clothing. Wear bikini-style undies until healed. Read More

Prevent it! – Make sure to change from your sweaty post-workout pants. Try to alternate between skinny jeans and a more loose pair of jeans.

Most important – Don’t forget to exfoliate your butt!!! Its often neglected. Take some coconut oil and salt, exfoliate for a few minutes!