New Skin Esthetics

Facial Bar

Facial Bar
New Skin Esthetics FACIAL BAR is ideal for connoisseurs who know exactly what they want!

All of our skin care treatments include a customized application of results enhancing serums, skin-specific masques, moisturizers, SPF to protect and improve your complexion.

Clinical Couture Add-Ins

Professional peelings and treatments

Pumpkin Enzyme

Unbalanced, teen, sensitive


Passion Fruit Enzyme

Irritated, sensitive


Papaya Enzyme

Unbalanced, irritated, dull looking


Lightening Lift

Pigmentation, photo damage, melasma


Power Peel

Aging, fine lines, wrinkles


Man Up

Rough, thick, ingrown prone


Acne Lift

Acne-prone, oily


Blueberry Detox

Minimize pore size, tone


02 Lift

Oxygenate – all skin types


Signature FaceLift

Redness, dry/dehydrated


Diamond Micro

Oily, dull, clogged pores


Perfection Peel

Advanced aging, pigmentation, acne


I Enhance - 25% Pure

Customize and optimize

Hyaluronic Acid

Dry/dehydrated, aging, rosacea



Wrinkles, acne, aging


Vitamin C

Redness, photo aging, dry


Kojic Acid

Pigmentation, sun-damage



Hydrating, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory


Stem Cell

Aging Skin, damaged skin, all skin types



Goji Berry Probiotic Masque

Problem Prone Skin Types


Firm Skin Acai Masque

Aging, dehydrated


Collagen Masque

Boosts Elastin, hydration, aging


Tea Tree Masque

Soothes problem prone skin


Volcanic Masque

Detox, loose skin, acne, inflammation


Manuka Honey

Dry, Acne, Sensitive, dull


24K Gold Bio-Collagen Masque

Stimulates cellular regrowth, hydrates


24K Gold Bio-Collagen Masque

Stimulates cellular regrowth, hydrates


Your eyes will thank you

Brighten Your Life

Puffy, dry, aging


Flawless Finish

Dark circles, puffiness, aging


Collagen Boost

Aging, fine lines, lax eyelid


Ormedic Lift

Crow’s feet, discolored


The Max

Aging skin, lines, wrinkles, dry, sensitive


24K Gold Eye

Hydrates, premature aging



Total Anti-Aging

Aging, sun damaged, oily/acne


Splash of Vitamin C

All, dry, sensitive, sun damaged, acne


Botox in a bottle

Aging, line and wrinkles, tired, dull


Intense Lightening

Redness, sensitive, irritated, sun damage


Balancing Antioxidant

All skin


Vit. A C E

Inflamed, dry, oily/acne


Indulge yourself

Rejuvenating Hand Treatment

Resurfacing, removes all forms of pigmentation


Firming Neck & D├ęcolletage Treatment

Aging, line and wrinkles, pigmentation, tightens loose skin


Be reckless

Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Polishes, Hydrates, Improves skin texture


Arabica Body Coffee Scrub

Boosts cell turnover, cellulite reducer, repairs sun damage, super hydration


Signature PowerHouse Scrub

Powerful Anti-aging effects, photodamage, detoxifying, smooths and protects