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Skin Tightening
YAG laser skin tightening - extraordinary facelift

The YAG laser skin tightening is a cosmetic therapy used for anti-aging skin treatments to resurface your skin and remove scars, facial wrinkles, and splotchy skin discoloration. Today, access to multiple non-invasive platforms gives a facelift a calculated shift away from surgery.


The YAG laser skin tightening system can create a facelift effect without the attendant risks and downtime of surgery. It used to be when people go to the clinic for a facelift, the first option would be to undergo a surgical process that eat up weeks, if not months, of recovery or downtime. Times have changed. Now, the advent of alternative non-ablative options by YAG laser skin tightening gives patients a chance at facelift with little fear and better future in regaining lost youth. Plastic surgeons today readily admit that surgery has become the last treatment option for most patients.



The YAG laser, is a non-invasive laser appliance that transfers heat to multiple tissue layers in the skin. The laser causes thermal injury to underlying layers of the epidermis and prompts a healing response in the surface of the skin. This method primarily results in the tightening of the skin and thermal stimulation of tissues precedes continuing regeneration of collagen. Through this process, it activates collagen production, causing wrinkles and loose skin to fade away within weeks of treatment


Laser skin tightening treatments with YAG laser involves a series of sessions calculated to stimulate the production of collagen and replacement of dead and damaged skin cells. YAG laser emits single wavelength energy of light on skin area of treatment and sends pulses of thermal energy to fibroblast cells under the skin which lead to the production of collagen. Thermal energy also incites skin cells to regenerate and replace dead or damaged cells, rejuvenating skin inside out.


As clinical studies show, laser treatment produces a significant amount of dermal collagen after 3 to 4 treatments following a space of 2 to 4 weeks. At the same time, there’s a remarkable remodeling of the outer layer of the skin leading to younger complexion and refined skin tone. Further, optimal results in laser treatment can achieved when, prior to laser, the skin undergoes microdermabrasion or specifically customized peels to allow deeper laser saturation of skin.



YAG laser stimulates your body to produce more structural proteins primarily collagen to restore your skins natural elasticity. This treatment creates slight thermal injury in your skin that stimulates the skin’s healing response, resulting in firmer, tighter skin. This treatment may be made as an alternative to a surgical facelift for its safe and efficient means to destroy the withering effects of aging. It restores skin elasticity and vitality as would surgery minus the risks.


YAG laser treatment initiates skin tightening by penetrating therapeutic thermal heat to the dermis, the dermal layer below the skin where collagen proliferates. Heated to over 140 F, collagen in the dermis will congeal and tighten. Older collagen tissues have a loose structure while new and young collagen is denser. YAG laser induces immediate skin tightening, but the heated pro-collagen cells will multiply and regenerate for up to six months after treatment, assuring you of more youthful skin for a longer period.


Skin tightening by laser helps you deal with wrinkles and fine lines on face without woes of extended downtime. Achieving younger complexion through laser is known as non-surgical collagen remodeling. Laser skin tightening aids in the regeneration of new collagen in tissue layers below the skin without damaging the epidermis, bringing about marked improvement in facial skin tone and texture. This treatment protocol prevents uneven skin pigmentation and scarring.


Tighten body skin? Yes, YAG laser has effective skin tightening treatments in the mid-section and other areas.



YAG laser skin tightening is absolutely safe but deals with warmer temperature during treatment. How patient discomfort is addressed? YAG has a unique Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD), The DCD elevates the patient’s level of comfort during treatment by spraying cooling air on skin before release of each laser pulse. This protects the epidermis and reduces patient discomfort.



Model candidates for the skin tightening course are men and women in the age range of 30 to 60 years. Healthy individuals get first priority in laser facial skin tightening, wrinkles and loose skin in all areas of the body. Patients with severe skin slackness after childbirth or weight loss might ponder a mixture of surgery and laser to eliminate excess skin and iron out wrinkles for a revitalized complexion. YAG laser is geared to successfully help people with flaws in any type of skin or skin tone.


No two skin defects are the same, and some people have bigger skin concerns than others. Prior to performing the right YAG treatment for your specific case, it would be beneficial for you to get a free consultation at New Skin Esthetics with our esthetic specialists.



YAG laser skin tightening is hailed for its least exposure to risks for patients and performed with a high degree of success across every age level. Patients encounter a post-treatment discovery that skin tightening takes place immediately and results persist in the following weeks and months. The youthful glow of their skin simply cannot be overlooked as the laser procedure did reward them with lasting positive effects in firmer skin with little or no downtime at all.


As for associated risks, they include temporary reddening and darkening or lightening of treated areas of the skin.



The side effects are temporary and quickly disappear. Patients liable to herpes skin breakouts, using acne creams or those with symptoms of melanoma should see their physicians concerning those conditions. Pregnant women at any stage are turned away from laser treatments.



For patients with clinical skin disorders, prescription of antiviral drugs may alleviate skin condition. Target treatment skin area should be free from exposure to sunlight and tanning light at least 2 weeks prior to laser treatment. Prep for laser treatment includes thorough cleaning and drying of the skin, removal of creams, makeup, tanning lotion, and anesthetics.



Our estheticians use a YAG laser hand-piece to deliver pulses of laser light on the skin. During treatment, patients will notice steady warming of the skin on the treatment area, a sensation similar to a rubber band snapping on the skin. Many patients say that discomfort during laser treatment is minimal and tolerable, and over in a few minutes.



Most patients take note of improvements in the tone and texture of their skin right away in the aftermath of the laser skin tightening session. The benefits of laser, however, can be appreciated more fully a few months after treatment. Generally, new collagen takes 90 to 180 days to grow and form in the dermis during post-treatment.



A gel pack or cool compress will be applied on treated skin to increase your comfort after the treatment. Redness or swelling should be gone within a couple of hours. In most cases, topical anesthesia is not applied to skin prior to laser treatment. In some laser post-treatment instances, however, cooling compresses are not given to patients, as the objective is to keep therapeutic heat in the skin as long as possible in order to achieve collagen contraction and collagen remodeling at the same time.



For weeks after treatment, use a sunblock (SPF 30 or higher) to prevent damaging sun exposure and UV rays. You can purchase one at the spa, Image Skincare Prevention Plus. That is our go-to product. Also, refrain from scrubbing or rinsing treated skin with harsh skin cleansers.