Spruce Up Your Skin Routine for Spring

Spruce Up Your Skin Routine for Spring

Warmer temps, sunnier sun and higher humidity herald the arrival of one of our favorite seasons—and a great excuse to boost your beauty routine! (As if you need an excuse.)

Seriously, though, it’s always good to evaluate your skin regimen as the seasons change, because changing seasons mean changing skin. In most places, spring means higher sebum production, increased sweating and more time spent out in the sun… and all of those things can have consequences for your skin.

Here are our best spring skin seasonal tips:

1. Check your SPF.

We know… we push SPF all year round on our blog (and we hope you listen!), because protecting your skin from harmful UV rays never goes out of season. That said… you’re probably spending mo
re time outside than you were over the winter. So if you’ve gotten just a wee bit lax with your SPF use, it’s time to bump it up again.

Plus, spring is a deceptive time of year when it comes to getting an unexpected sunburn. You’re spending more time outside than winter, but the air is still crisp and cool, so you might not notice you’re getting too much sun until it’s much too late.

Try using SPF 45 PREVENTION+ Daily Ultra Sheer Spray works with any skincare routine. We also have SPF moisturizers!

2. Meet spring with a fresh new face.

You’ve probably been exfoliating throughout the winter to try and combat winter weather’s dry skin. Start spring with a fresh face and get rid of the last of winter’s dry skin with a pampering masque. Try AGELESS total resurfacing masque which uses alpha-hydroxy acids to resurface your skin. Spring is a time for rejuvenation after all.

3. Freshen up your foundation.

This is less of a “spring” tip than a seasonal tip. You should always look into replacing your foundation every few months, as the condition and tone of your skin change with the season.  If you’re looking for something with less coverage, Image Skincare PREVENTION+ daily tinted moisturizer SPF 30 is perfect—plus, it takes care of #1 in this list as well!

Spring is a time for new beginnings so why not get your skin off to a fresh new start too? You might also want to take another look at your moisturizers, cleansers and toners to see if your skin’s changing spring condition might require some other changes as well!